Major Conflicts Between Science and Religion

The science and religion often pose conflicting approach when they are judged to have a different view over the common aims. Although, both are not supposed to surpass the realms of their scopes. The line of conflict often come through theologians trying to interpret what they believe science goes wrong with. While in a similar vein, such conflicts are likely to dwell people into decline for the cultural value and loss of sentimental harmony in human lives as well.

Renaissance and conflict goes along

Cultural and intellectual development for the first time in history associates with the time as period called Renaissance, wherewith the inception of science helped people in establishing atheist beliefs which then were attributed as the first in contributing conflict among science and religion dated back around 500 years ago, which ultimately led infusion of liberal and secular beliefs in unity to the Europe for the first the time.

Although it went not well for many religious leaders who came up with their dissent over the views of atheism, which further aggravated the conflict when some faction of religion tried to come up with modified interpretations of their respective scriptures to meet the ends with science and establish harmony in between, ultimately paved the road for bifurcation among the clans of religions where reformers came up with the amends, while rest distanced themselves from the former.

A Conflict in its beginning

The earliest conflict in recorded history might find its trace to the Babylon where the priest was of the view about the lunar eclipse as a result of restlessness of divine powers, their Gods. Which, then was associated with ill fate and a bad omen for the life of their incumbent king.

It continued till the time astronomers were able to find it as a natural cause. Although the belief over the script continues so with the proper prediction of eclipse, they substitute their king by temporary one to make death face his fate.

I had this conversation with a Biological Dentist Phoenix a couple of months ago. He told me that people still continue to believe this myth even after the astronomers cleared it. 

Renowned Conflicts

Among the most famous of the conflicts, is the one among the Galileo Galilei and the Roman Catholic Church. The conflict was due to their quibble of the solar movements. While the other that holds place was the assertion of Catholic Church that earth is the epicenter for entire universe which implies the conjecture that the moon, sun, and stars are revolving around it and similar was the view of some earlier scientist about the Tychonic system that earth is what around which moon, stars and sun revolves, while other five planets complete their circles around the sun.

It was Galileo that put the assertion that it is the sun around which earth and rest of planets revolve and stars do the same but at immense distances. While the conflict of contemporary times surrounds with the matters of the universe and its time of creation, where science is of the view that universe has come into existence about 13.7 billion years ago, while earth coalesced around 5 billion years ago.

While the theologians are having the interpretation of Hebrew scripture that indicated the creation of the earth in six days by God within the time in between perhaps 4000 and 8000 BCE.